Originally used for industrial purposes, steel-framed windows are now commonplace among discerning homeowners and interior designers.

Whether the building is modern or historic, the seamless and stylish look of steel windows work amongst various aesthetics.

Made from the strongest material on the market, steel windows offer incredible strength and security as well as appearing sleek and seamless providing both visual appeal and practicality. The sturdy steel provides freedom in design as it can frame smaller panes of glass to fit the industrial look of historical properties or frame larger panes of glass to match the features of a modern property. Perfect for any homeowner, steel windows not only allow plenty of light into the home, they are also long lasting.

If you’re looking to join this latest trend and are on the hunt for steel windows, the Steel Window Association can help. With some of the UK’s leading steel window manufacturers as members, the SWA can offer technical advice, design inspiration and a directory of reputable steel window suppliers.

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