W20 Windows

W20 is the traditional commercial framing system, 32mm wide with 5mm thick flanges, originally developed for public buildings and industrial applications.

It accommodates single glazing and double glazed insulated sealed glass units up to 16mm thick in the same profiles simply with a change of bead. All glazing, whether in fixed lights or casements, is in the same plane.

It can be divided into small panes with tee glazing bars, having a table face width of no more than 29mm.

Hinged casements, hung at top, bottom or side, and swing windows pivoted horizontally or vertically, can all be constructed from the same suite of profiles.

Elemental coupling is achieved with simple slender transoms and mullions.

W20 External Sections

Our members can manufacture steel windows and doors using W20 hot rolled steel profiles. These are the slimmest profiles that are able to create steel doors, door screens and windows that comply to current building regulations.

The majority of domestic external steel doors and door screens that are seen on social media will be manufactured from this system as it has the slimmest profiles and therefore provides stunning aesthetics between the outdoor space and the home.

Doors can be manufactured as double or single hinged swing doors up to a maximum of 1800 mm wide and 2400 mm high (both maximums cannot be specified at the same time). Runs of fixed or opening glazing to the sides or above the doors can be fabricated to ensure that an entire space can be filled.

Some customers will want a screen design with more than one set of double doors so as to provide a link between the garden and home when they are in the open position.

Shaped frames are also possible and so gables, raked heads and arches are not a problem for our members.

Specifier’s guide

The specifiers guide is a technical document published for architects and designers. It contains our members range of products, section details and technical specifications.

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