Steel Window Fittings: Ironmongery for all styles

An often overlooked yet fundamental part of the industry, ironmongery options have evolved from the simple nosed handle and peg stay for windows or levers for doors to a range of modern solutions to suit.

Steel is synonymous with quality and timeless luxury so it’s important for ironmongery to not only demonstrate these features but also consider the operational requirements during development.

A long-time member of the Steel Window Association, Steel Window Fittings has provided furniture solutions for many different projects with diverse needs and aesthetics.

Window Furniture

Simple solutions such as surface-mounted, classic cockspur window handles are available in styles complementing both modern steel windows and heritage steel windows in both commercial and residential properties. Non-locking handles, key locking handles as well as grub screw locking handles are options depending on window type and customer needs.

Renovating or adding larger windows to a property? Duplex handles and Triplex handles are also available with connecting rods.

Steel Window Fittings also offers classic, timeless peg stays (to hold the window closed or open securely) and slide stays in both single arm and double arm to fix the window into position – for friction between the moving and still parts of the frame. For a polished look, match your window furnishings to your chosen handles in aesthetics and colour including RAL finishes.

Butt hinges are the most common choice when hanging frames due to their weight capacity, simple operation, and longevity for windows or doors. Non-intrusive slimline hinges for standard opening as well as projection hinges are available to allow full 180-degree movement of the window or door–clearing mullion or reveal.

Steel Window Fittings also offers a 3D adjustable hinge enabling the door to be repositioned in situ,  and featuring a security bolt and additional adjustability. For extra protection, bullet hinges with a locking screw are also available.

Looking for speciality hinges? Click here to see the whole Steel Window Fittings range.

Friction adjusters reduce potential damage to your windows. A fitted friction screw can give you the freedom to choose how wide your window opens.

For the type of security offered by multipoint, a bulky gearbox is usually required for a drive blade to fit into. Due to the thinness of steel window profiles, this has not previously been possible. Steel Window Fittings’ brand new multipoint system preserves the classic style of a steel window fitting with the security of a modern multipoint system.

This type of window configuration is concealed, keeping the rail system hidden for a simple appearance. Due to the tight seal created by the multipoint system, the life of the window is extended. Adverse effects of weathering are greatly reduced along with the risk of a break-in.

The development of the multipoint system was a technological achievement that advanced the industry and provided new methods for how the steel window could be configured. Steel Window Fittings has plenty of exciting upcoming projects for steel windows and doors.

Door Fixtures

Steel Window Fittings offers three different lever types with three different backplates for doors. The ROSE and OBLONG are compact with a matching escutcheon available for doors that require locking.

In 2022, a new style became available – the Long Backplate which eliminates the escutcheon in favour of adding the keyhole directly to the longer design. Different configurations depending on your needs are offered – Cylinder/Cylinder for external doors; Cylinder/Blank which are lockable on one side; Blank/Blank for dummy doors or internal doors; and, finally, the mortice lock for traditional key locked doors. After choosing your handles, finish your internal door with a bolt to keep them shut.

Need to keep your external doors open? Add a simple cabin hook for safety and security.

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