Fire-Rated Commercial

Steel framed glazed windows, screens and door assemblies can be designed and installed to protect life and property in the event of fire. Combining the transparency of glass with fire safety is a challenge to the window industry that demands high standards of construction, which are independently tested and assessed by recognised competent authorities.

Some of the steel framing solutions developed for members by the SWA and examined by Warrington Fire Research to meet such standards are illustrated in our Fact Sheets, which summarises key features of construction, indicates a variety of appropriate glass types, and gives pointers to their scope of application. They use solid hot rolled steel profiles from the F, W20 and W40 ranges to provide fire resistant glazed windows, doors and screens which will maintain their integrity in a typical fire for 30 or 60 minutes.

The complete assessment C118420 produced by Warrington Fire Research, plus test reports referenced therein, which support the summarised information in this Fact Sheet, are available to specifiers of named projects, on a confidential basis from member companies. When detailing specific projects it is strongly recommended that specifiers and contractors consult individual specialist manufacturers and study the full test reports and assessments with them.

Some member companies also offer complementary systems which use hollow cold formed steel profiles to assure integrity, together, if necessary, with radiant heat insulation, for equivalent or longer periods of up to 120 minutes. Information including test reports on these proprietary cold formed precision steel tube systems (CFS in the tables below) can be obtained directly from them.

Where there is a requirement for fire safety combined with maximum daylight and vision, steel framed fire-resistant glazing is the preferred choice.


The same W20 hot rolled steel profiles used in domestic internal applications can be used in many commercial applications. A number of door handles and glass types are available.


(Applies to replacement fixed lights and screens)

The same F, W20 and W40 profiles used in domestic external applications can be used in many commercial applications.
Alternative fire-resistant glazing systems using cold-formed tubular steel profiles are offered by a number of SWA members for both integrity only and integrity with insulation. Fixed lights, screens opening windows and doors can all be offered in cold-formed steel. For details, please con-tact the SWA.

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