Commercial Refurbishment

Steel Window Association members are specialists in the renovation and sympathetic refurbishment of steel windows, typically in listed buildings or buildings of special interest such as those in heritage and conservation areas.

One of the best qualities of a steel window or door is its longevity and this is where refurbishment and servicing are vitally important. For owners of buildings within listed or conservation areas, or those who would like to preserve the history of their own building, commercial refurbishment is an invaluable and satisfying option. With this level of refurbishment, the SWA offers the ability to recycle, reuse and renew. In a world where we care more and more about genuine sustainability there is no better way to help protect the world we live in as it is now for our children.

All levels of refurbishment are possible as discussed here.

Our members are able to offer a variety of services which cater to any size of project or budget. The different levels of refurbishment the SWA members can offer range from an Ease and Adjust service all the way through to a full off-site refurbishment and redecoration.

The first level of steel window and door refurbishment is a basic Ease and Adjust. This involves the opening elements of the windows being serviced; an operation which involves a highly skilled method of easing and adjusting and lubricating the moving parts of the opening vent. The ironmongery will also be checked for operation and frame members will be brought back to square as necessary.

The next level of refurbishment would entail the same Easing and Adjusting described above but can also involve the full refurbishment of ironmongery, including their removal and cataloguing for full polishing and lacquering, to get back to the traditional brass finish. This level of refurbishment can also involve a full redecoration, including rubbing down and prep work to the frames. This option can also involve glazing upgrades, including the possibility of moving from single glazing to double glazed units.

It is also possible to fully refurbish steel windows and doors. This process involves the full removal of all the windows and doors and their component parts. This is often a process preferred in heritage buildings as it can give the windows and doors a new lease of life, especially if the windows and doors seem to be in poor condition due to severe corrosion. Once removed from site, the windows and doors will be shot blasted in factory conditions, back to bear metal ready for priming. Once primed, the windows will be repaired as necessary in our members’ workshops, including rewelding of corners, T-bars or even sectional replacements due to corrosion. Once this is complete, they will be returned to site for refixing, redecoration, and reglazing works. The refurbished ironmongery will also be refixed at this stage and the windows checked for full operation. This process allows the windows to have a full bare metal redecoration, often replicating the original hand painted and fronted aesthetic; so important in heritage projects. There are also huge thermal and acoustic benefits ranging, in some cases, from improvement from 3mm glass to a double-glazed unit. This level of work dramatically extends the lifetime of a steel window and door; in many cases by more than 40 years.

On Site Servicing:

• Servicing, easing and adjustment of opening windows and doors for good operation
• Replacement of defective or missing ironmongery including hinges and pivots
• Removal of broken or cracked glazing
• Replacement of lead lights
On Site Overhaul – As above but extended to;
• Removal of visible surface paint
• Treatment of the visible steel substrate
• Tightening or replacement of coupled frame intersections and perimeter fixings
• Replacement of damaged weather seals
• Potential for upgrading of glass specifications
• Potential to modernise or refurbish existing ironmongery to include enhanced security
• Re-introduction of perimeter and window mastic seals
• Replacement of glazing beads, mastic and putty
• Redecoration of painted surfaces.

Full Off-Site Overhaul:

• Removal of existing frames, and possible temporary glazing of apertures
• Shot blast to bare metal to remove all existing paint and priming material
• Fully recorded survey of necessary repairs and replacement section, hinges, couplings
• Full pre-treatment primer and re-painting of the steel sections to required specification
• Re-installation of frames to apertures, re-glazing with the possibility of thermal / acoustic upgrades
• Refurbishment and replacement of existing specialist glazing
• Application of new mastic and primary weather seals
• Re-instatement of refurbished or new ironmonger

Specifier’s guide

The specifiers guide is a technical document published for architects and designers. It contains our members range of products, section details and technical specifications.

Fact Sheets

We have a number of fact sheets that give more information about various subjects to do with steel windows and doors.

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