Member companies of the Steel Window Association (SWA) have been enjoying a boom in business. This is thanks to the general upturn in activity across the housing market, with the focus on the acquisition and refurbishment of rural properties having resulted in higher than usual demand for the replacement of the traditional W20 style windows.

The W20 closely replicates the appearance of the older universal suite of sections and can therefore be found providing reliable service from country cottages to dockland warehouses and in commercial, as well as industrial buildings.

Not only do the slimline sections offer slender sightlines compared to PVC-U and timber frames, but their strength also provides good security and long-term robustness.  In addition, the advancements made in glass technology and the availability of much improved weather-stripping means that the modern W20 window delivers far better energy performance than their single-glazed predecessors.

The President of the SWA and Contracts Director at Associated Steel Window Services, Kris Bennell, comments: “W20 steel frames are the ever reliable, ever popular traditional option for the sector, which are liked by both planners and heritage bodies for use in a host of different property types.

“The glazing beads mean it is possible for new and refurbished W20 windows to accept 16mm thick IG units; and these in turn can feature low-E coatings on the glass, warm edge spacer bars and argon, krypton or xenon gas filling to deliver much improved U-values.  W20 is a system which can work in a summer-house or a commercial building in London and as a stylish room divider or shower screen.  It is just so versatile.”

The SWA offers UK wide coverage with member companies able to carry out the full range of contracts from the repair and restoration of heritage windows through to the installation of major fenestration packages in contemporary commercial, residential and other types of developments.