Designed to provide a neat way of draught-proofing internal steel doors, the W20 profile end cap is now available from Steel Window Association members and can be factory-fitted into the bottom of internal pivot or sliding doors of any size.

The end cap offers an inconspicuous alternative to the brass draught strips that have traditionally been surface-mounted along the bottom edge of doors. The new, specially moulded profile is made of rolled aluminium and installed to close off the W20 end section during the fabrication of the door; it is finished to match the door’s colour. The draught stripping then slides into the aluminium section with the option of either a rubber strip or a wool pile brush strip which can be of varying sizes depending on the width of the gap under the door.

Traditional steel window screens are being ‘reinvented’ to meet unprecedented demand for bespoke internal glazed partitions in high-end schemes and doors are often an integral part. Door thresholds are unnecessary so the finished floor is uninterrupted but this means that draught stripping of the doors is important in certain situations.

Steel bridges the contemporary and traditional aesthetic in a way that is unachievable with other materials such as timber and aluminium while providing solidity without being overpowering. Glazed steel screens allow excellent visibility and the passage of maximum light between different areas so are being installed to screen everything from boardrooms and wine cellars to kitchens and showers in commercial and residential projects.

The Steel Window Association and its members, under the umbrella of the ‘product development group’ are continually developing new and innovative products to complement the existing steel window and door profile range to ensure that their products stay relevant in today’s market place.

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