Architects – and TV shows! – talk about using large scale glazing “to let the outside connect with the inside” of a property, but one design professional has specified a high-performance, triple glazed composite screen from a member of the Steel Window Association to ensure the heat inside does not escape to the outside. And similarly, the stylish assembly was chosen to keep extraneous noise out of her beautifully refurbished and extended North London home.

Steel Window Service and Supplies Limited was approached by Hannah Mercedes-Carter to fabricate and install the 5.5 metre long screen, featuring two double doorsets, for a rear extension to her  house in Hackney. The screen, which comprised five separate elements, was produced using W40 sections with the proportions being optimised in terms of appearance and the physical limits imposed by incorporating triple glazing.

Hannah, who works for a leading London interior design practice commented: “For the original loft conversion, we specified double glazed aluminium windows which look OK but have tended to suffer from condensation, so I was determined to avoid that problem with this addition of a large kitchen dining room extension to the rear of our property.

“I was also keen to use steel frames as they are in keeping with the style of the building which dates from the 1930s, and chose to work with Steel Window Services and Supplies because of my experience using them on an office project in London. The triple glazing and frame make-up was also intended to prevent any noise intrusion from outside the building; now they are installed, I realise just how seriously sturdy and secure they are. We are very happy with the way they look and perform.”

The appearance of the classic W40 section has been enhanced by the application of a RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey polyester powder paint finish over the standard galvanised coating; complemented by matching trickle vents and satin chrome ironmongery.

The frames are infilled with 28 mm thick triple glazed IG units using a mix of clear toughened Planitherm One safety glass for the inner and outer leafs, and a clear toughened Planilux safety glass centre pane. The cavities are filled with 90% Krypton gas and super spacer bars. This achieves an impressive centre pane U-value of 0.602 W/m2K while the installed screen offers an overall U-value of 1.5W/m2k, along with the required sound reduction properties.

Members of the Steel Window Association are able to offer consultants, contractors and end clients a selection of window and door types suitable for new-build as well as refurbishment projects, and the ability to restore old metal frames for heritage work.

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