Recent development work carried out by Steel Window Association member company, Steel Window Fittings, means it is now possible to specify concealed multipoint locking on virtually all the different door and window systems available in the sector.


Where steel frames traditionally only offered a single point of locking, or the traditionally admired duplex locking, which featured surface mounted rods and noses, the modern alternative houses all the components within the perimeter sections.  Not only can this be aesthetically much more appealing, but it further enhances steel fenestration’s renowned strength and security, while helping improve weather-tightness.


And having debuted on the W30 system back in 2013, further development work by Steel Window Fittings and the SWA’s Technical Committee has enabled the advancements to be offered across the range from the benchmark W20 suite of sections through to the highest performing, thermally broken options.


The Managing Director of Steel Window Fittings, James Barrett, comments: “If you look back at the history of windows, plastic systems always utilised multipoint locking because the frames were just too flexible without it; while aluminium and timber frame manufacturers soon started offering it as well.  While steel frames were inherently very strong anyway, the section size was too slim, to incorporate a multipoint mechanism – until more recently, where now the switch to utilising stainless steel components – which are smaller and stronger – has made it all possible whilst keeping the slim sightlines that are so admired.


“This process was achieved with the assistance of the SWA, whose window systems the multipoint locks are designed to fit, with the Technical Committee involved at various stages of the work.  As a result, the frame still has one operating lever – maintaining the traditional appearance – but with many points of locking.  Four is the standard, but more are possible, and this draws in the top and the bottom of the frame much more tightly: improving wind and water-tightness, along with overall airtightness and resistance to forced entry.  It can even cut your home insurance premiums.”


Multipoint locking systems are available for the W20, W30, W40 and thermally broken W50 systems in five different styles of lever handles and seven choices of finish, as well as custom finishes where required.


James Barrett concludes: “Multipoint locking is definitely growing rapidly in popularity across steel windows and doors, and not only are we selling to all the SWA members involved in making frames, but our systems are also selling very well abroad.  Our supply chain has held up well despite others having recent issues within construction and we have been able to avoid any significant price rises too.”


The SWA membership offers clients a full range of services across the UK for the supply of steel windows for domestic or commercial new-build and refurbishment work, as well as repair and replacement in heritage situations.